Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Leading Edge Conversion Efficiency

Solexel’s disruptive photovoltaic (PV) products are based on an IP-protected high-efficiency cell architecture and mono-crystalline silicon material.  Solexel’s intellectual property optimizes mono-crystalline silicon’s sunlight capture and conversion efficiency.

Grid Parity Levelized Cost of Electricity

Solexel’s innovative solar modules use the least amount of expensive materials possible while providing industry-leading performance.  Low material usage allows Solexel to manufacture solar modules at substantially reduced costs, putting solar based electricity on the path to being cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel based electricity generation sources. Our unique approach maximizes the amount of electricity generated while substantially reducing the overall levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), enabling grid parity for mass global adoption of our PV solutions.

Reliable and Long Lasting

Solexel’s solar modules are based on mono-crystalline silicon, a highly stable, proven, environmentally benign, and abundant material.  Decades of performance and field reliability data demonstrate silicon’s unique ability to yield a high and predictable level of power in excess of 25 years.

Aesthetically Appealing

Solexel offers a superior module design to optimize the aesthetic appeal of standard and BIPV installations.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Solexel's cells and modules consist of environmentally benign, chemically inert, and non-toxic materials, providing peace of mind that solar PV is not a health hazard or an environmental liability throughout its life cycle.