Solexel Management

Michael Wingert, President & CEO

Mr. Wingert joined Solexel in 2009 as President and Chief Executive Officer.  He has an impressive track record over 29 years in delivering outstanding growth and performance for organizations with high-volume, low-cost, and technically-advanced products.  Previously, he was Executive Vice President and General Manager of Seagate, President and Chief Operating Officer of Maxtor, and Chief Executive Officer of Cornice, prior to which he had a successful career at IBM.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Mehrdad Moslehi, Ph.D., Founder, Executive Chairman, & CTO

Dr. Moslehi founded Solexel (formerly Soltaix), his 3rd start-up venture, in 2005 and served as the company’s President & CEO until June 2009.  He received his M.S. and  Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and has extensive industrial experience in the telecom, semiconductor, magnetic data storage, and solar photovoltaic industries (ITRC – Telecom Research Center, Honeywell-Synertek, GE-Intersil, Xerox PARC, Stanford University, Texas Instruments, CVC, Veeco, Semizone, and Solexel). He has a proven track record of developing advanced enabling technologies and delivering commercial products. He was the recipient of American Electronics Association's 50th Anniversary Award in 1993 and has been recognized as a Prolific Inventor by both the USPTO and Texas Instruments. Dr. Moslehi is a Fellow of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Lifetime Member of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals, and holds over 220 issued patents.

Mark Kerstens, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Acting CFO

Mr. Kerstens joined Solexel in 2010 as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.  Prior to joining Solexel, he served as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at BP Solar, a leading photovoltaic manufacturer and project developer.  He brings 17 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and business development across a wide variety of channels and geographies.  He received a Master of Business Administration from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris.

Homi Fatemi, VP of Business & Operations Development

Mr. Fatemi joined Solexel in 2007 as VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.  He brings 30 years of engineering, sales and business development experience in the semiconductor, storage, and software industries having worked for Fairchild, Intel, AMD, Norsam, HPL, and YDI.  He has played a leading role in ushering startups to successful exits.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  He received his MS degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University and his MBA from Santa Clara University.  He has a track record of successful company exits (IPO, M&A), 10 patents, and has authored more than 20 publications.

Jay AshJaee, Ph.D., VP of Equipment Engineering

Dr. Ashjaee joined Solexel in 2010 as VP of Engineering.  He brings 30 years of engineering experience and more than 20 years of executive management with an established track record in developing advanced processing equipment for semiconductor and photovoltaics fabrication. Prior to joining Solexel, Dr. Ashjaee served as Vice President at SoloPower, ASM NuTool, and Lam Research. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and holds more than 20 patents.

Pawan Kapur, Ph.D., VP of Cell Engineering

Dr. Kapur joined Solexel in 2007 and currently heads Solexel’s disruptive cell development and commercialization effort. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor, photonics, and the photovoltaic industries.  Prior to joining Solexel, he was a Research Associate and a Consulting Professor at Stanford University. He has authored over 60 research papers, 25 patents, and has given numerous invited talks around the world. He served on the North America Planning Committee of the IEEE conference on interconnects. Dr. Kapur received MS and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Thom Stalcup, VP of Global Operations

Mr. Stalcup joined Solexel in 2010 and currently runs Solexel’s operations as well as module engineering.  He brings more than 31 years of experience leading product development and launch teams across a variety of industries including hard drives, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.  He has conducted more than 20 product manufacturing launches into low-cost manufacturing regions, namely in Asia.  Prior to joining Solexel, he served as a Vice President of Operations and Project Manager at 2Wire and Cornice.  He has also worked for Maxtor, Quantum, and DEC.  He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron.

Abhay Maheshwari, VP of Module Engineering

Dr. Maheshwari is a recognized semiconductor and solar executive with 20 years of industry experience in research and development and large scale manufacturing operations in the US and offshore locations.  Before joining Solexel, he was the SVP of Worldwide Operations and Engineering for Solaria Corporation for 7 years. He also held senior management level positions at semiconductor companies such as Xilinx, LSI Logic and Texas Instruments.  He is the author and coauthor of more than 11 research papers in peer reviewed technical journals and holds 7 patents in areas of semiconductor and solar.  He has also chaired many technical conferences in microelectronics and participated in many technical panels.  He holds a PhD in Materials Science from UCLA and a Management Degree from Pepperdine University.